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"Dana Diehl’s stories are pure obsession-fueled magic, each one an engine of possibility powered by her intense curiosity, her love of knowledge, her limitless imagination. Our Dreams Might Align is a map disguised as a book of stories, come with humor and heart to lead us back to somewhere like the best days of childhood, a world almost unbearably alive with mystery and wonder."
—Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

"In fifteen remarkable stories, Dana Diehl releases a new language for sadness and wonder. As I read, a robin flew through my temporal lobe. Each tale left me wanting another. In a world in which our existence is threatened, she plays Scheherazade, bringing us through dark nights."
—Catherine Zobal Dent, author of Unfinished Stories of Girls

"Diehl's breathtaking stories explore both the natural world and the human heart with a scientist's passionate inquiry and a poet's exquisite precision. This is a gorgeous debut collection that illuminates deep oceans and deep space, the amorous bite of a cobra rattler, and our profound desire to love and be loved."
—Tara Ison, author of Ball

"In Dana Diehl’s debut collection, Our Dreams Might Align, a dazzling panoply of characters takes risks and makes choices in a more-than-humanly scaled universe. With poetic exactitude and exceptional scientific vision, Diehl brilliantly evokes geologic time, the migration of whales, space exploration, post-prison life, baby Komodo dragons, snakes and the subtle laws of physics, arranging these, helix-like, around a human instinct for hope, illumined, and sometimes faulted by, love." 
—Melissa Pritchard, author of A Solemn Pleasure