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"'The TV girls tell us they're ready to rappel down skyscrapers for love.' Dana Diehl's collection of very short and very media-obsessed stories is witty, oddball, frequently hilarious, and always memorable. The title story alone made this fiction writer turned poet want to return to his first love. Story after story, Diehl discovers fraught vulnerabilities and startling truths in the lives of girls and women confronting the expectations of TV, lovers, family, and one another." 

—Chen Chen, author of When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities

The winner of New Delta Review's 7th Annual Chapbook Contest, Dana Diehl’s TV Girls is at once a celebration and interrogation of reality television and its conventions, going beyond the pristine décor of The Fantasy Suite and into the mess of reality at its realest. In high-definition prose, Diehl takes a genre often known for exploitative nature and makes it the locus of an exercise in radical empathy. 



"Dana Diehl’s stories are pure obsession-fueled magic, each one an engine of possibility powered by her intense curiosity, her love of knowledge, her limitless imagination. Our Dreams Might Align is a map disguised as a book of stories, come with humor and heart to lead us back to somewhere like the best days of childhood, a world almost unbearably alive with mystery and wonder."
—Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

Across sixteen remarkable stories, Dana Diehl wanders the dreamscapes that unfold from those moments when everyday lives are warped by otherworldly experiences. Her journeys lead to places where the fabric of reality has frayed -- where familiar things take on unsettling new meanings and menacing energies gather strength beyond the limits of the visible.

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